“Writers are the creative wellspring of theatre… write on!”

Holiday Appeal

CPF has lots of fun, stimulating and innovative productions and workshops planned for 2018! We hope you will attend and participate. Please consider a donation of any amount now! Your support will keep CPF a viable organization in our community, dedicated to creating a vibrant and creative community of dramatic writers in NC. Since 2007

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DIY (Do It Yourself) program

Announcing what is aka the “CPF SPEAK easy”! Writers: have you ever been stuck in the writing process, knowing you want to get some feedback on your current draft but shy or unsure how to go about getting it? Well we are here to help! We can provide our experience, knowledge, and resources to aid

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A play about America in three parts: Heritage Speaking (written and directed by Paul Newell) Story Road (written by Mark Cornell and directed by Nancy Lane) American Drift (written by Paul Newell and directed by Nancy Lane) Jamal and Ellie are two troubled souls traversing their own American landscape in “Dawn’s Early Light”, a touching,

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